Thanksgiving Train Rides

We have several special events planned for the Friday and Saturday train rides after Thanksgiving.

We are having a special "Black Friday" 20% off all non-food items in the gift shop on the 11am train only. This is a great opportunity to get some special Christmas presents for yourself or others. 

We will also have a special guest car host - Dr. Bart Jennings. Dr. Jennings is professor of supply chain management at Western Illinois University and was part of team that started the Secret City Scenic Railroad. He has a decade of railroad experience plus more than two decades of railroad consulting and regulatory training. He has also been the convention chair or head of rail operations for NRHS (National Railway Historical Society) for conventions in Iowa, Alaska, Arkansas and Vermont, written articles published in Trains Magazine, Railfan & Railroad Magazine, Pacific Rail News, and others and has operated charter passenger trains in more than 25 states and ridden trains in almost 50 countries around the world

If you are interested, please call our ticket agent at 865 241 2140 to make a reservation.



Posted on November 11, 2014 .